Since the earliest days of Christianity, there is an ancient Lenten pilgrimage, a walk of faith to many of Rome's greatest churches called the Lenten Station Church Pilgrimage.  This early fourth century Christian practice (which at the time included the Bishop of Rome, his clergy, his choir, and the Christians of Rome) consisted of a program of prayer, biblical readings and celebrating Holy Mass at certain designated Roman churches.

This Roman Christian practice of visiting martyrs tombs, praying and celebrating the Eucharist is the foundation on which this great and sacred pilgrimage arose and continues today.  It is a refection on the eternal truth of Christianity.

The Virtual Station Church Pilgrimage

To take a virtual tour of the Station Churches during Lent,
click on the respective Basilica each day during Lent to connect with this ancient walk of faith..


Week of Ash Wednesday 2018

February 14, 2018, Ash Wednesday – Santa Sabina MAP

February 15, Thursday – San Giorgio al Velabro MAP

February 16, Friday – Santi Giovanni e Paolo al Celio MAP

February 17, Saturday – Sant Agostino MAP

First Week of Lent


February 18, Sunday – Saint John Lateran  MAP

February 19, Monday – San Pietro in Vincoli  MAP

February 20, Tuesday – Sant Anastasia al Palatino MAP

February 21, Wednesday – Saint Mary Major MAP

February 22, Thursday – San Lorenzo in Panisperna MAP

February 23, Friday – Santi Apostoli  MAP

February 24, Saturday – Saint Peter’s Basilica MAP

Second Week of Lent


February 25, Sunday – Santa Maria in Domenica alla Navicella  MAP

February 26, Monday – San Clemente MAP

February 27, Tuesday – Santa Balbina all’Aventino  MAP

February 28, Wednesday – Santa Cecilia in Trastevere MAP

March 1, Thursday – Santa Maria in Trastevere  MAP

March 2, Friday – San Vitale  MAP

March 3, Saturday – Santi Marcellino e Pietro  MAP

Third Week of Lent


March 4, Sunday – San Lorenzo fuori le Mura  MAP

March 5, Monday – San Marco al Campidoglio  MAP

March 6, Tuesday – Santa Pudenziana  MAP

March 7, Wednesday – San Sisto  MAP

March 8, Thursday – Santi Cosma e Damiano in Via Sacra MAP

March 9, Friday – San Lorenzo in Lucina  MAP

March 10, Saturday – Santa Susanna MAP

Fourth Week of Lent


March 11, Sunday – Santa Croce in Gerusalemme  MAP

March 12, Monday – Santi Quattro Coronati al Celio MAP

March 13, Tuesday – San Lorenzo in Damaso MAP

March 14, Wednesday – Saint Paul outside the Walls MAP

March 15, Thursday – Santi Silvestro e Martino ai Monti MAP

March 16, Friday – San Eusebio all’Esquilino MAP

March 17, Saturday – San Nicola in Carcere MAP

Fifth Week of Lent


March 18, Sunday – Saint Peter’s Basilica  MAP

March 19, Monday – San Crisogono in Trastevere MAP

March 20, Tuesday – Santa Maria in via Lata MAP

March 21, Wednesday – San Marcello al Corso MAP

March 22, Thursday – San Apollinare MAP

March 23, Friday – San Stefano al Celio MAP

March 24, Saturday – San Giovanni a Porta Latina MAP

Holy Week


March 25, Palm Sunday – Saint John Lateran MAP

March 26, Monday – Santa Prassede MAP

March 27, Tuesday – Santa Prisca all’Aventino MAP

March 28, Wednesday – Saint Mary Major  MAP

March 29, Thursday – Saint John Lateran MAP

March 30, Good Friday – Santa Croce in Gerusalemme MAP

March 31, Holy Saturday – Saint John Lateran MAP

April 1, Easter Sunday – Saint Mary Major MAP


Station Churches Lenten Pilgrimage research comes largely from The Urban Character of Christian Worship, by Rev. John Baldovin, S.J. For more information please visit

The Pontifical North American College website at